Lamit Company

Two way satellite internet provider



“Our services are your advantage”

In the new era of technology, in a world of continuous improvement with a high number of leaders and brands, only the information offers the advantage. Today we have the knowledge to connect ourselves through satellites, with any location of the world, even from the most isolated areas, away from all traces of civilization.
Lamit Company is using the latest satellite communications technologies, ingeniously adapted to the specific conditions to provide two-way satellite communication services, available anywhere in the world (both, terrestrial and maritime). In a competitive world, Lamit Co focuses on high quality services, being a guarantee of excellent functionality, as well as stability for installed systems and integrated solutions. The satellite equipment is specifically designed to meet all customers’ needs, regardless the distance or weather conditions.
Being updated with the latest changes in this field, Lamit Co implements modern technology, virtual private networks (VPN), video surveillance services anywhere in the world, Voice over IP (VoIP) communication solutions, mobile satellite communication systems through satellite, together with the newest VSAT equipment and technologies. In order to optimize their services for the customers and provide integrated solutions, the company decided to design its own software/hardware platforms named Lamit2Pro for a better management and also a total control of their internal network.
The company offers worldwide uplink & broadcast services for TV stations and have recently launched this year in Romania the cheapest solution for bidirectional satellite internet access LTH (Lamit To Home) for clients who work in remote areas where telecommunication services are not available. This program is unique in Romania and has a substantial contribution to the development of the local communications, offering reliable and practical solutions, with immediate application, adapted for any area, land or sea and also for any type of activity, suitable to any category of users.
Along its entire activity, since 2002, Lamit Co developed services in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East, and the Americas offering two-way worldwide satellite communication solutions using specially designed equipment, to meet all user requirements, even in the most inaccessible locations. It would be notable that the mobile maritime VSAT solution offered by Lamit contains integrated facilities: voice, real-time data communication between the ship and worldwide land-based offices, video, internet service and bidirectional transmissions of any industry-specific application. It allows the centralization of the on board processes of any type or size of maritime vessels. The system provides permanent connection with satellites regardless the balance on the waves, the boat’s cruising speed, or any other external factors. This performance is possible due to the three-axis rotation system and the control applications owned by the operator, offering a highly competitive alternative to the existing maritime offers.
Being awarded multiple international distinctions for its business performance, Lamit Co gained its top position on the worldwide market, by bringing a new approach into the field of satellite communication.