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Facelift for Lamit Company’s Shop

A new face for Lamit Company’s Online Shop. You can check it out here.

The Lamit Company Online Shop is meant to provide an easy acces to the Company’s products by bringing them just a click away from the customer. Everything you need to get a satellite internet connection is on the site, including VSAT equipment and monthly subscriptions through various satellites. If you want to buy by Credit Card or PayPal you can go the online shop and find what you need or get in touch with the company and someone will help you choose the perfect solution for your needs and guide you through the process. For SCPC connections, dedicated bandwidths, mobile systems, maritime services or any other service or equipment you don’t find in the Online Shop, contact the Company directly and they will provide you with what you are looking for or an alternative solution.

The shop is just another solution brought to you by Lamit Company to get easier access to they’re services, being them terrestrial connections, fixed or mobile, or maritime systems. Being updated with the latest changes in this field, Lamit Co implements modern technology, virtual private networks (VPN), video surveillance services, Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions, mobile satellite communication systems through satellite, together with the newest VSAT equipment and technologies. In order to optimize their services and provide integrated solutions, the company designed its own software/hardware platform named Lamit 2Pro for a better management and also a total control of their internal network.

Lamit Company Online Shop – From your Credit Card straight to a satellite.