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One of the main purposes of this blog is to create a symbiosis between the Lamit Team and all our customers or any other passionate of technology, mainly the communications through satellite technology, which is our specialty.
We’ve begun expanding the rollout of the interactive communication between our people and the rest of the world, being sure of the value added brought by your direct contact with our Team, including our Management Team.
We promote the interpersonal interaction as an effective communication because you can get immediate feedback. It helps us to better understand the things and the requirements. It also helps us understand a situation in a better way, to think about and evaluate it more effectively. A change of behavior is required from time to time, but, at least, we are the first to notice it.
We also desire to interconnect two worlds, the world of communication technology to the world of sports, through Lamit Sports, the sporting department of Lamit Company: .
By definition the blog facilitates communication between the reader and the owner of the site. Everyone from outside can quote a discussion or it can interfere along a dialog, directly on our pages. It is even better when a Forum section is created, so we linked the Blog to Lamit Company’s Forum: . We are only asking you to post your pertinent comments or conclusions. All comments and discussions will be instantly made accessible to the public for all visitors to read through the internet your posts. Threads, comments and discussions are archived with the entries that they come under.

We will also channel attention to solve various social problems, especially for children with problems and we hope that, through this blog, we can get faster results by informing our colleagues, friends and collaborators, who may interfere in a decisively manner to solve the situation of the disadvantaged.

Last but not least, our colleagues will try to put here their thoughts, using non official points of view, this way making the link between you and them even shorter.

We will be waiting for you to follow us and to improve our activity by your suggestions.