Lamit Company

Two way satellite internet provider


New awards for Lamit Co in 2011

Due to the highest level of performance that Lamit Co has been successfully achieving since 2002, the year of its establishment, the company is continuously receiving multiple international recognitions.
Lamit Company was awarded the international prize for quality in technology, in the field of telecommunications: “The International Trophy For Quality 2008 – The New Millennium Award”. During the ceremony of awarding, that took place in Switzerland, the company’s CEO, Liviu Mandreanu, received the gold badge “Global Quality Management” as a special recognition for his work.
Lamit Company received its second prize of great importance worldwide as a recognition of quality and brand name in technology: “The Platinum Technology Award for Quality and Best Trade Name”, in Italy, on 7 July 2008.
The fact that Lamit is still preserving the same high standards of quality is clearly stated by the company’s recent selection to receive another two international awards: “The International Star for Leadership in Quality Award (ISLQ)” and “THE BIZZ AWARD”. The award ceremonies for the second prize will take place in Rome, Italy (April) and in Orlando, Florida (June).