Lamit Company

Two way satellite internet provider


Satellite Internet for wind farms and photovoltaic plants

Lamit Company supports the natural and renewable energy sources needed to reduce our dependency of fossil fuels. The high levels of fossil fuels we burn each and every day is contributing to climate change, air pollution and environmental pollution. Viewing the fact that the renewable energy is needed now more than ever, the number of renewable energy plants increases, each one of them needing a fast and stable satellite internet connection.

As the request from Wind farms and Photovoltaic plants increased, we managed to adapt the solution used for Oil Wells and Gas Wells to support their specific needs.

Using the new iDirect Evolution X1 Outdoor Satellite Router we have created the best solution on the market for Windfarms or Photovoltaic plants. The customer can be connected at any tine to the SCADA systems or servers, check the plant’s status and parameters and he can even mount some video cameras at the location so he can permanently have “eyes” and “ears” there, the plants being usually in remote areas and getting there and back being out of hand.

Our systems are independent from any other terrestrial link, the installation being done entirely by one of our teams of experienced technicians. We pride ourselves with a service availability for at least 99.8% a year as well as 24/7 support and even on-site intervention if needed.